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How to view the block

The main feature of the block explorer is that it shows the information contained in the last blocks of the network. So Raidoscan provides the following data:

◾️ Block height - the number of blocks connected in a blockchain (remember,
a blockchain starts with a zero block);

◾️ Block age - the amount of time that has elapsed since a particular block
was added to the register;

◾️ Mined By - name of the pool or object which extracted the last block of


Click on "View all", this will take you to the list of all blocks in the network. You can also enter the block number in the search box to quickly find the block of interest. 


To see the data in the block, click on it. You will see the following information:
Hash - a unique identifier resulting from the validation algorithm;
Transactions – the number of transactions in the block;
Transaction hashes - a unique identifier for each individual transaction
validated in each block.