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How do I swap RF for RDO?

1. First, get an RDO wallet. If you are already registered, then you only need to log in on the same page.

Be careful, keep your wallet keys safe. If you lose them you will not be able to access your wallet ever.

2. Then go to "Swap", you will see a kind of an exchange widget. 
  • Enter the value of RF tokens in the “Amount” field, minimum sum to be processed is 50 RF (ERC20). 
  • Tick the box to make sure you are at least 18 years old and accept the Terms of Conditions and Privacy Policy. 
  • Click Next.  
3. In the “Recipient address” field enter the unique address of your RDO wallet and click Next.  
4. Confirm the transaction details
5. Complete the transaction by sending RF tokens to the generated address. 

Attention! The funds must be sent to the wallet in one transaction. The payment will not be credited if it is sent in more than one transaction.

6. After you have successfully completed depositing your RF tokens, the status page will change to "Waiting for withdrawal".

That means that the process of transferring RDO to your RDO wallet is in progress. 

As soon as RDO will be credited to you, page status will change to Swap complete. At the bottom of the widget you will see Out TX - this is a hash for transaction tracking on RDO blockchain explorer